A Place for News

When I started looking for tools to create websites, I found there were many options. Many of those options were extremely complex, designed for complex authoring needs (e.g., dynamic content, web-based story submission, multiple authors, etc.), and required significant infrastructure. All I wanted was a simple static site, so these solutions were overkill.

All I wanted was a simple file-based static site generator, but most of the options in that space were focused on blogging, although they often claimed that you didn't have to use them that way. Nikola seemed like the best/easiest choice, with clear instructions for how to disable its blogging functions.

But as time has passed since creating the back in October of last year, I've come to realize that I need a place for news, announcements and random musings about randomness that don't easily fit elsewhere on the site. In other words, it needs a blog.

So, today I adjusted Nikola's configuration once again, and with just a few lines of changes, ta-da, we have a blog. Well, actually initially it was a horrible-looking blog because the blog page templates were terrible, but with a some changes to the templates (following a strategy of expedience over elegance), I managed to create a more-or-less acceptable layout.

Anyway, watch this space for more…